Dont't forget to sign up for REMIND!!!

Our school is using this free text-based app service to foster a better line of communication between home and school. Below are the codes for each class.
All you have to do is text the code that applies to you to 81010, and you will be signed up!

School-wide text (all should join this): @icrevere
Individual classrooms (please join the ones that apply to you and your family. You must have a separate text for each class you sign up for)
Preschool: @melanson
Pre-K1: @devincenzi
Pre-K2: @calleprek
Kindergarten1: @clavelk
Kindergarten2: @BernsteinK
1st Grade: @sharpin1
2nd Grade: @mscoyne2
3rd Grade: @msquigley3
4th Grade: @ryangr4
5th Grade: @barber5
6th Grade: @domina6
7th Grade: @mrmel7
8th Grade: @roan8
Middle School: @ms678
If you have any problems with the instructions below or would like help getting added onto REMIND, please contact Donis Tracy and she can add it on for you.
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